March 13th, 2009

GarbageLight is the first project of CPS.

GarbageLights are the lamps made out of material we call garbage.

I use mostly industrial waste. Old machine parts are my favorites;

the simplicity and symmetry is just fantastic.

There are also many treasures to be found on the shore. Plastic and steel containers, wood, floaters…

When I pick them up I think of their history. How long have they been in the sea?

What kind of boat do they come from? How did they look like when they were new?

For me a lamp is not just a technical device fulfilling some concrete function.

But also an object built from different parts from different places with unique stories.

The parts make a new connection and start to communicate with each other.

Starting with the technical possibility, going through the forms and shapes

and finally ending up with the feeling.

Feeling of more light?