Description of lamps

August 28th, 2009

All GarbageLights are handcrafted and usually single pieces since there is not enough material to make
two lamps exactly the same.
I would be delighted if you would be inspired with e.g. a sold lamp and you order a new one.
I can not promise exactly the same form but I try my best to come as close as possible to your visions.
It would be a challenge for both of us:-)

The sold lamps in the gallery are marked with “sold”.

Description of GLs:

The First This is my first lamp (hence the title). The lamp is made out of stainless steel from an old fish conveyor, hydraulic pipes and the rests from machining. Some welding and screws were needed as well.

Black & White The foot of the lamp is made out of a rotor of a pump. Electric wires go up to the bulb in two tubes which used to be a candle light holder before. A hydraulic pipe and a roller bearing have been used as well.

Red Light District This was the first time I was occupied with the shade of the bulb. As the name implies some red light goes out of the lamp. Particularly on two places at once. Just to let the lamp express another feeling. On the shore you can find some
empty colorful oil barrels. The color doesn’t look very bright from the outside because it was “eaten up” by the sun. The lamp’s body is built out of some stainless steel grill grid and a circular saw blade.

Parallel Leap After making three previous “light “creatures” I have learned a little bit more. Hence the name..
I work with different shapes and again the light of the lamp is important.
So to say I have started to “see” the lamps more complex. This one was aimed to be my first “ambient” lamp. That means not
only to shine on your book while reading, but also to create a good feeling in the room. It is made from old machine parts and a grill grid.

The Fifth The main idea here is in the electrical circuit. There is no wire going from the foot of the lamp to the bulb. The electrical current is lead directly through the two vertical rods. Don’t worry, you can touch them! It’s only 12 Volts.
The foot is from an exhaust shield from a fishing boat. Stainless steel from diverse machine parts and hydraulic have been used.

The Roll Sometimes ideas come very fast. The Roll is an example.
I am satisfied with the heavy foot of the lamp, easy construction and versatility.
The lamp can be used as a normal reading/working lamp or as an illumination from the top of a book shelf.
The materials used: a rotor from an electric motor, stainless steel from water tank and some screws.

Hot News This is my first wall lamp. The inspiration to all other wall lamps sprang from Hot News. One could call them “reading lamps” because they “read themselves”. I have tried to combine my interest for people, lamp atmosphere and humor.
All “reading lamps” with red shade are made from old oil containers, stainless steel from fish conveyor and drift wood.